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Koji Kondo 


He was born in Agatsuma, Gunma, Japan in 1910.

He moved from Takasaki junior high school after 2 years, finish during Tokyo prefectural four in 1925, finishing four years in 1927.

1930 after graduation, he suffered from pleurisy. For about one year, he needed recuperation at home.

1932 he entered Tokyo Imperial University (presently, The University of Tokyo) Medical School

1936 he graduated from Tokyo Imperial University (presently, University of Tokyo) Medical School

1937 He entered The Department of the Interior.

1938 He entered The Ministry of Health and Welfare and became a public welfare technical officer takes charge of the tubercular measure.

1947 He became The Ministry of Health and Welfare Sanitary Section Chief of Mother and Child and the Maternity Passbook Proposition.

1947  He receives his Medical Doctor License from The University of Tokyo. And presents his thesis " The Statistical Study of Hidden Tubercular Death Estimation in Japan"

1950 He became Tokyo cultural short-term professor

1952 He was the NHK radio doctor

1957 He Became the NHK television doctor

1959 (1959)  Kondo Clinic establishment

1963 (1963)  Insurance cultural award winner

1967 (1967)  Nippon Cultural Broadcasting radio doctor

1967 (1967)  NET television doctor

1978 (1978)  A Blue Ribbon Medal award winner

1979 (1979)  Nippon Cultural Broadcasting award winner


※ NHK radio, renewed ” Ryouiku” and it was a long-lived program with over 10,000 episodes.




“Jintai and Tuberculosis" Iwanami Shoten (1942/08)

"Tubercular Taisaku" Igaku study (1951/05)

"Human Body Physiology" Asakura Shoten (1955/04)

"Chemistry Of A Healthy Life" Teruo House (1961/09)

"Secret Of Long-lived Health" Jitsugyo-no Nihon-sha (1965)


※ The healthy enlightenment note, which were also for the public in other than above, are many.