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Internal medicine:

In addition to general medicine, our clinic features importance of diet exercise and lifestyle choices when treating diseases such as Diabetes. The director's meal plans of 30 varieties are distributed and explained on each visit. In addition exercise is done in the clinic by using muscle strengthening and muscle mass enhancement during waiting time and is effective in 1 to 2 months. It is our goal to reduce dependence on medicines within our patient community.


In addition to general orthopedic surgery, our goal is to create a stronger waist or knee, for example, that will not cause pain in the rehabilitation room, in addition to treating pain. Again, attempt to reduce the number of medications needed by building a stronger body. For more detailed information please refer to treatment details from the information at our clinic.


The feature of our clinic is that the director has explained and distributed articles written about dermatologicalallergies, atopic dermatoses, and they are used for treatment of these conditions: Eczema, Athlete's foot, warts, acne, other general skin diseases and pediatric dermatology are also treated.


Symptoms such as pain bleeding, blood stasis, or blood stagnation, and intense itching can be troubling to you. If you are uncomfortable or alarmed by symptoms such as these, please seek treatment early without worry or embarrassment. Many people find they should have consulted more quickly and that relief can be provided in a very short time.